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Grammy award-winning record producer Timbaland will release his new album, Shock Value III, in 2012. “Pass At Me,” the first official single from the album, features Pitbull with productions by David Guetta and was released on September 13, 2011. Timbaland also appears on David Guetta's LP Nothing But the Beat on "I Just Wanna F." with Dev and Afrojack.
Timbaland has stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene since the mid-1990s. His production has helped create career-defining hits for artists such as Jodeci, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z, amongst others. Respected beyond the genres of urban and hip hop music, Timbaland’s musical influences cross cultural lines: he has been sought by diverse superstars from Justin Timberlake to avant-singer Bjork.
Timbaland introduced a unique rhythmic style that defined the new wave of music in the ‘90s: R&B and hip hop amalgamated with an eclectic smorgasbord of effects held together by complex syncopated snare beats. His style burgeoned when he produced Ginuwine’s hit single “Pony” and debut LP Ginuwine…the Bachelor. At the same time, his partnership with high school friend Missy Elliott blossomed into a pairing that delivered Aaliyah’s double platinum One In A Million and the two artists became one of music’s most successful production/songwriting teams. Naturally, Elliott also looked to Timbaland to define her as an artist, and their work together (tracks such as “The Rain”) propelled Elliott to major stardom and critical acclaim.
Timbaland’s trademark sound has spawned numerous imitators; yet, he has always remained the acknowledged originator. He began a new label in partnership with Interscope even as he delivered another three albums for Elliott, including 2005’s The Cookbook. He also launched Tweet, who debuted with Southern Hummingbird and produced Lil’ Kim’s “The Jump Off.” The Game relied on Timbaland for “Steer” and “Put You On The Game.”
Along the way he built an impressive 5,000 square foot studio in Virginia Beach where he does most of his production and he travels regularly between that location, his Miami residence, and the West Coast. In 2006 he founded a new label, again at Interscope, appropriately called Mosely Music Group (MMG). Open to all types of artists, MMG debuted with a bang: Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” featuring Timbaland hit #1, as did her album, Loose. In 2007, Timbaland released his second solo album, Timbaland Presents ShockValue (Blackground/Interscope/Mosley Music Group).

On the film front, Timbaland’s indie flick, "30 Years to Life," drew rave reviews at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and vied for the Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category. Directed by Vanessa Middleton, "30 Years to Life" has an ensemble cast that includes Tracy Morgan, Erika Alexander, Kadeem Hardison, Paula Jai Parker, Melissa DeSousa, Allen Payne, and T.E. Russell as a group of New York friends approaching their 30th birthday.
Timbaland has had many reincarnations: from disc jockey DJ Tiny Tim to half of the hip hop group Timbaland & Magoo, from being a part of Devante Swing’s Swing Mob crew known as Da Bassment to S.B.I. (a production ensemble including Pharrell Williams).

Timbaland’s genre-breaking has changed popular music; he takes pride in his success at remaining ahead of the curve with his originality and experimentation. Confident and charismatic, his goal is to blow listeners’ minds and make them move to the beat. On the personal side, this artist/producer is an avid bodybuilder committed to a strict diet and training regimen, and as serious about working out as he is about his time in the studio.


"3 A.M." Young Jeezy ft. Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"4 Minutes" Madonna ft. Timbaland
"Across The Sky Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Producer)
"After Love" Diddy ft. Keri Hilson (Timbaland: Producer)
"All Good Things (Come to an End)" Nelly Furtado (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"All Night long" Demi Lovato ft. Timbaland
"Anonymous" Bobby Valentino ft. Timbaland
"Are You That Somebody" Aaliyah ft. Timbaland
"Ayo Technology" 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
"Beautiful Mistake" Keri Hilson (Timbaland: Producer)
"Big Pimpin'/Papercut" Jay-Z and Linkin Park (Timbaland: Producer)
"Bittersweet World" Ashlee Simpson (Timbaland: Producer)
"Bounce" ft. Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre and Missy Elliot
“Carry Out” ft. Justin Timberlake
"Come Around" M.I.A. ft. Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Cry Me A River" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You" Jay-Z and Linkin Park (Timbaland: Producer)
"Do It" Nelly Furtado (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Elevator" Flo Rida ft. Timbaland
"FutureSex/LoveSound" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Get A Light" Snoop Dogg (Timbaland: Producer)
"Get Down" Busta Rhymes (Timbaland: Producer)
"Get Involved" Ginuwine ft. Missy Elliott and Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Get Me Bodied Remix" Beyonce (Timbaland: Producer)
"Get On The Bus" Destiny's Child ft. Timbaland
"Getaway" Michelle Branch ft. Timbaland
"Give It Up To Me" Shakira ft. Timbaland and Lil Wayne (Timbaland: Producer)
"Good Life" Kanye West ft T-Pain (Timbaland: Additional Programming)
"Halo" Pussycat Dolls (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"How Does It Feel" Keri Hilson (Timbaland: Producer)
“If We Ever Meet Again” ft. Katy Perry
"I Don't Need It" Jamie Foxx (Timbaland: Producer)
"I Just Wanna Fuck" David Guetta ft. Timbaland
"Ice Box" Omarion ft. Timbaland
"I'm So Fly" Lloyd Banks (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Jigga What/Faint" Jay-Z and Linkin Park (Timbaland: Producer)
"Keep It Movin'" 50 Cent (Timbaland: Producer)
"Krazy" Game ft. Gucci Mane and Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Last Hangover" Keyshia Cole ft. Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Lemme Get That" Rihanna (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Let Me Luv U" Chingy ft. Keri Hilson
"Lie To Me" Keri Hilson ft. Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Lightweight" Demi Lovato (Timbaland: Producer)
"Long Gone" Chris Cornell ft. Timbaland
"Losing My Way" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Love To Hate" Jamie Foxx (Timbaland: Producer)
"LoveStoned/I Think She Knows (interlude)" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Magic" Pussycat Dolls (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Make Me Better" Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo (Timbaland: Producer)
"Maneater" Nelly Furtado (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Marchin On" ft. OneRepublic
"Murder She Wrote" Missy Elliot (Timbaland: Producer)
"My House" Lloyd Banks ft. 50 Cent (Timbaland: Producer)
"My Love" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"My Style" Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Producer)
"Nite Runner" Duran Duran ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Off That" Jay-Z ft. Drake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" Ashlee Simpson (Timbaland: Producer)
"Paper, Scissors, Rock" Chris Brown ft. Big Sean and Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Pocketbook" Jennifer Hudson ft. Lucacris (Timbaland: Producer)
"Pony" Ginuwine (Timbaland: Producer)
"Pop That" Sisqo (Timbaland: Producer)
"Pricele$$" Birdman ft. Lil Wayne (Timbaland: Producer)
"Promiscuous" Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland
"Pull It Off" Bobby Valentino (Timbaland: Producer)
"Put It Down" Redman ft. DJ Kool (Timbaland: Producer)
"Put You On The Game" The Game (Timbaland: Producer)
"Rehab" Rihanna (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Release" ft. Justin Timberlake
"Reminder" Jay-Z (Timbaland: Producer)
"Return The Favor" Keri Hilson ft. Timbaland
"Right For Me" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Right Now" Danity Kane (Timbaland: Producer)
"Same Ol' G" Ginuwine (Timbaland: Producer)
“Say Something” ft. Drake
"Scream" Chris Cornell ft. Timbaland
"Sell Me Candy" Rihanna (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"SexyBack" Justin Timberlake ft. Timbaland
"Shake Your Pom Pom" Missy Elliot (Timbaland: Producer)
"So Anxious" Ginuwine (Timbaland: Producer)
"Stronger" Kanye West (Timbaland: Additional Programming)
"Take It Off" Sebastian ft. Timbaland (Timbaland: Producer)
"Talk Ya Ear Off" Chris Brown (Timbaland: Producer)
"Thank Me Now" Drake (Timbaland: Producer)
"Together" Demi Lovato ft. Jason Derulo (Timbaland: Producer)
"Tonight" Jonas Brothers (Timbaland: Producer)
"Try Again" Aaliyah ft. Timbaland
"Twisted" New Kids On The Block (Timbaland: Producer)
"Ugly" Bubba Sparxxx ft. Timbaland
"Undertow" ft. The Fray and Esthero
"Until The End Of Time" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Up Up and Away" Lil Wayne (Timbaland: Producer)
"Wait A Minute" Pussycat Dolls ft. Timbaland
"We Belong To The Music" ft. Miley Cyrus
"We Need A Resolution" Aaliyah ft. Timbaland
"What About Us" Jodeci (Timbaland: Producer)
"What Goes Around…/…Comes Around" Justin Timberlake (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"Whatchamacallit" Pussycat Dolls (Timbaland: Songwriter)
"What's So Different?" Ginuwine (Timbaland: Producer)
"You Owe Me" Ginuwine ft. Nas (Timbaland: Producer)
"Zoom In" Duran Duran (Timbaland: Producer)
“Apologize” ft. OneRepublic
“Give It To Me” ft. Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado
“Here We Come” ft. Magoo, Missy Elliott and Darryl Pearson
“Lobster & Scimp” ft. Jay-Z
“Pass At Me” ft. Pitbull
“Scream” ft. Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger
“The Way I Are” ft. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.
“Throw It On Me” ft. The Hives

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