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My Goodness


While so many modern indie bands champion analog recordings, vintage gear, and vinyl
pressings, Joel Schneider (vox/guitar) and Ethan Jacobsen (drums) do
so without pretense. The duo, who go by the moniker My Goodness, are the organic option in an aisle of
manufactured music because their songs are innately rough and ready,
not because crude is the new cool card for rock ‘n roll.

My Goodness are far from new kids to the Seattle music block,
having stemmed from other central local bands (i.e. Absolute Monarchs, Navigator vs. Navigator),
the bold sound they bring the Northwest is a sonic blast of fresh
air to a city seemingly drowning in timid folk bellows.

Suitably weighed against notorious tag teams like the Black Keys
and the White Stripes, My Goodness exists somewhere in the grey,
uncharted waters between, as if Joel bought all of Dan Auerbach’s
unwanted punk records and passed on Jack’s guilty pop pleasures.

The duo met bartending at iconic Capitol Hill music venue Neumos,
debuting what would become My Goodness at an employee band night, a
recreational outfit that, until then, both of them considered a mere
side project. The strikingly positive response of that first show
motivated them to pursue the band further, later recording their
debut, self-titled album at Red Room Studios with engineer Chris Common
(These Arms are Snakes), and released by Seattle label Sarathan

“My Goodness is one of few bands wielding a bit of ‘fuck you’ swagger with the volume
turned all the way up”- Josh Lovseth, Sound on Sound

“Joel Schneider struts and hollers over Ethan Jacobsen’s brawny, but
controlled timekeeping”-Grant Brissey, The Stranger

“Schneider has a quiver in his voice reminiscent of Jon Spencer's brash balls, but with more
Fugazi-esque finesse” Hannah Levin, Seattle Weekly

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