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Royal Teeth


Listen to Wild

More often than not, Royal Teeth tries something, and despite the odds or apparent roadblocks, it simply works. Recruit a lead vocalist who has never been in a band before? Check. Record a cover of a popular, mega-selling single for the band’s first studio EP? Why not? High on the release of their new EP “Act Naturally”, the vocal duo of Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson provide heartfelt lyrics as the 6 piece band of musicians travel through lavish soundscapes via a synth-infused sound boasting a brand all to itself that’s not quite “dance pop” and not quite electronic. Leadoff track “Wild” finds Patterson’s crystalline vocal hooks bounding in joyous romps over Larsen’s grounded narrative. “I believe I can make you scream for me,” she sings, like a little girl flirting on the playground with her fingers firmly crossed behind her back. The band’s bold, warmed-up rendition of The Knife’s 2003 chilled-out club single “Heartbeats” sounds like a long-lost New Wave hit from the early 1980s, bubbling over with dance floor pulses and thick kick drum echoes. Royal Teeth effortlessly makes this familiar song its own without having to radically reinvent the style of the track or compromise the character of the band. In fact, Royal Teeth’s musicians are only interested in being themselves. And if making music and having audiences respond well is a difficult thing, it’s news to them. Larsen adds, “Everything about this band has been easy so far. Lots of people do the guy-girl vocals thing, but we felt that we could take our own swing at it.” Royal Teeth makes music for adventures.

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