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The Ghost Wolves


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"In Ya Neck!" is the debut release by Austin, TX based guitar/drum duo The Ghost Wolves. Captured almost entirely live, with no digital trickery, it is a raunchy, uninhibited rock & roll piece from top to bottom. The Houston Chronicle calls their sound "rabid garage-blues." Their live show is explosive, exhilarating, head-turning, primal, and raw. Guitarist Carley Wolf, 23 years old, bounces about the stage in her all-white leather outfits, smiling brightly as she lays waste to another audience, dominating the room, a guitar slinging femme-fatale. Drummer Jonny, 24 years old, carves a manic groove, propelling the music, forward, upward, lifting the band off the ground as they energize the air. They draw inspiration from across the musical spectrum, blending blues, punk, 60's garage, rockabilly and glam, all packaged into a tight little two piece setup that travels light, but plays heavy.

Since releasing their debut in the summer of 2011, the duo has been touring the USA relentlessly, with a schedule that has had them criss-crossing the states for the past 7 months straight. In that time, they have garnered critical acclaim both in the country, and as far away as Austria, Italy, Brazil, the UK, and Germany, with feature pieces about the duo aired by KUT Austin, FM4 radio and the BBC's Breakthrough Radio. Some of the highlights of their travels thus far have included a month long run of shows at The Lakeside Lounge in New York City, a fiery double-drum performance in New Orleans with legendary drummer Johnny Vidacovich, and a recording collaboration with iconic rock & roller BP Fallon, the trio recording two songs that are yet to be released.

On March 6, 2012, local Austin label Pau Wau Records is re-releasing "In Ya Neck!" on White 12" 150 gram 45 RPM vinyl, which has the pair quite excited! This new year will see them touring along at full-throttle, and they will be in good company along the way. Upcoming billings include opening spots for Cedric Burnside, Lightning Malcom, and The White Ghost Shivers for their vinyl release party on March 8th in at Antone's in Austin. They will also be at SXSW this year, performing at both of Alejandro Escovedo's day parties on saturday and sunday.

On the topic of their band and it's place in the sometimes tumultuous music world, these young musicians seem to have their heads screwed on straight. "Live music is a long, great tradition." Jonny explains. "We're just glad to have the opportunity to be a part of that."

About the members:

The Ghost Wolves are a new band, but both members are life long musicians. Guitarist Carley Wolf is a gifted multi instrumentalist. At the age of 14, she fronted her own Rockabilly group under the moniker Carley Darlynn, playing throughout Texas and garnerning a sizeable fan base. After graduating from school with a degree in sound recording technology, she released a folk/acoustic record, playing banjo, piano, mandolin, guitar, upright bass, and singing on the album. She has also performed internationally as a backing musician, with several groups, including The Crooked Jades, and as bassist for rockabilly sensation Johnny Falstaff.

Drummer Jonny Wolf has toured and recorded with a diverse set of artists, including hardcore-punk guitarist Greg Ginn, Americana sextet The Belleville Outfit, guit-steel virtuoso Junior Brown, fiddler Warren Hood, and Austin blues-shack-rockers The Happen-Ins, among many others.

About the name of the band:

The duo travels with a 125 pound arctic wolf-hyrbid named Winter, who has been to known to run the merchandise table while the band is on stage, and on occasion holds his own "meat and greet" outside of the venue, with guests gaining his adoration with a suggested donation of chicken jerky strips.

Winter is a member of a pack of wolf-hyrbids that live with Carley's family at their central Texas ranch, where she was born and raised. Her father has been rescuing wolf-hyrbids for the past 30 years, and in that period has developed his own breed of animal who are known as Gibler Dogs. They retain a very wolf-like appearance, but are very gentle and loyal, and are especially adept for film work. They can most recently be seen performing in a video for metal band Disturbed's single entitled "The Animal."

"The Ghost Wolves" came about as a name after the pair literally saw the spirit form of a male wolf-hybrid who had passed away in early 2010. His name was Ice, and he was a grizzled old animal who died in his sleep at the age of 15. Carley and Jonny were out star gazing on the ranch one night, when a storm started blowing in. The temparature dropped and a thick fog settled in very quickly. Abandoning their star gazing efforts, they turned to walk in towards the house, and Carley happened to glance up the hill at the area where Ice lay buried. In the mist that had settled on their hilltop ranch, she saw the spirit forms of Ice and several other animals the family had owned that had passed over the years. They were only visible briefly, and as she turned to tell Jonny, they dissapeared. The rest of the pack started howling in chorus, and Carley knew what she had seen to be real.

Several months later the pair was brainstorming names for their new band, and The Ghost Wolves came as an easy choice.

Carley Wolf - Vocals, Guitar
Jonny Wolf - Vocals, Drums

The Ghost Wolves - "In Ya Neck!" Debut EP - August 2011
The Ghost Wolves - "In Ya Neck!" Debut EP - Vinyl Release
(Pau Wau Records, March 6 2012)

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