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I Hate Our Freedom


Boasting scene veterans from bands such as Garrison, Thursday, Texas Is The Reason, and Milhouse, I Hate Our Freedom blare through ten songs in less than 20 minutes. Stripped of its niceties, Seriously immediately grabs the listener with the vicious album opener “Top 8,” and dizzies them with a barrage of post-hardcore influenced, no-frills rock and roll. Lead by the vocal assault of vocalist/guitarist Joseph Grillo, album standout and first single “Batting Practice” is “a tongue in cheek reference to us writing (or NOT writing) a hit single and the foolishness in that sort of belief process,” says Grillo. “I’m more interested in Art than Marketing,” he adds.With over four decades of experience in the music industry combined between the members of I Hate Our Freedom, from playing in bands, booking shows and being through almost every situation imaginable, Grillo says “the music scene is far less than 6 degrees of separation and everyone knows everyone else, so it would make sense that similar musicians would gravitate together over time.” When it came time for the band to record Seriously nearly two years ago, Grillo and company decided to enter New Alliance Studios with ex-Garrison bassist Ethan Dussault (On The Might Of Princes). “Ethan is a good friend and former bandmate of mine,” says Grillo. “It was a blast working with him on a project because he and I had worked so well previously.” Beginning as a side project, I Hate Our Freedom recorded Seriously with no expectations of releasing it, so they decided to write another record. Bunkering down with Kurt Ballou (Converge) before even releasing their first EP, I Hate Our Freedom recorded their second album in October and will announce plans for the as-yet-untitled album shortly. Despite conflicts between the member’s schedules, I Hate Our Freedom has full intentions of touring the US this year, with plans to perform at SXSW in March with Rival Schools. I Hate Our Freedom have already toured the UK, sharing the stage with Gallows, and will continue to play local New York City gigs, including an upcoming show on March 9th with Samiam at Santos Party House. As Grillo sums it up, “the live performance is what it is all about!”I Hate Our Freedom is Joseph Grill (vocals/guitar), Justin Scurti (guitar/backing vocals), Scott Winegard (bass/backing vocals), and Tucker Rule (drums).

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