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White Violet


Nate Nelson, a native of Athens, Georgia, has been making music since he was fifteen. He has released and toured with two previous records (Random Acts in 2004 and Knobs Have Turned in 2007). He has contributed to countless other recordings and tours over the past eight years as a musician, producer, engineer and friend. Nelson sang on Maria Taylor’s “Clean Getaway,” toured as her bass player in release of Lady Luck, played with Nik Freitas, A. Armada, and Andy LeMaster's solo project, LeMaster. He has produced and engineered records for Kuroma, Hardy Morris, Ruby Kendrick, Gift Horse, and more. He has also shared the stage with acts such as The Whigs, Futurebirds, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Cary Ann Hearst

The release of Hiding, Mingling sees Nate adopt the moniker White Violet to reflect the sonic and lyrical evolution of his work. After originally writing and demo-ing the album alone, he found that collaborations in the live setting brought new life to the songs. Nelson then went in the studio with friends, including LeMaster and David Barbe, to construct an album that is both intimate and expansive. Though written in and about specific spaces in Athens, Hiding, Mingling remains lyrically open-ended. Within the dark nature of the material, one will find that each song offers a glimmer of hope.

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