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I Am Many


Listen to Posers

Formerly known as "Many Styles", the artist I Am Many, is like nothing
you've ever experienced, his live shows are one of a kind as he himself
is "one of a kind" His self titled debut "Many Stlyles" was released in
2005, it featured production From 2 Hungry Bros, Tonedeff (QN5)
Blockhead (Def Jux, Ninja Tune) Fred Ones, Luminary, Blow out and Gods
Child.. After taking a small hihaitus, he reappeared with "The Human
Experience" a fusion of hiphop electro and rock, produced by Gedi
formaly of Bronx Monx

In 2009 he took on the name I Am Many and teamed up with Dub Md and
Creative Juices to bring you "Born Again Sinner" A mixtape show casing
the emcee's skill level, but ultimately released for the soul purpose
of promoting S.I.N. The first full length album to be released under
the artist name "I Am Many" produced by "Logik Proof" He has done tons
of shows, He receantly performed at "Rock The Bells" His song Posers is
currently being played on Hot 97, and he will be playing 2012's SXSW,
stay tuned..

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