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Na Palm

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Listen to She Like That (Dirty Dub Mix)

In recent years, hip-hop and electronic music have inched ever closer
to each other, cross pollinating healthy scenes for a fresh sound that
is winning over countless fans of both genres. Yet few rappers have
effortlessly melded true lyricism with house and electro-infused
beats….until now.

“I put lyricism into electronic music, we call it Electronic Hip-Hop”
Chicago’s Na Palm says. “It’s not all just ‘let’s go do shots and pop

“We have a genuine appreciation for electronic music,” Na Plalm says.
“We’re finally starting to see that it’s here in America and we’re
glad it is.”

To be sure, Na Palm and his crew don’t need to look to Stockholm or
Miami for inspiration. Chicago’s healthy rap and house music scenes
set the stage for Na Palm to explode years ago.

“What really influenced me was the underground house music scene in
Chicago,” he explains. "I started out performing at clubs where my
friends DJ-ed, like Stone Lotus and Spybar, so I naturally tried to
make music that kept the tempo of the club up."

Over the past two years, Na Palm has taken his message from the
underground Chicago club scene to the rest of the country: performing
live to new and older fans alike via opening up for larger artists and
headlining college shows.

In 2011, he was rewarded for logging months on the road via passing
the 250,000 “fans” mark on Facebook gained largely through touring: no
small achievement for an independent artist.

“I keep my shit positive and I stay in my lane. I’m just doing what I
do…rapping about girls, partying and the struggle to come up, over the
music that inspires me,” he says.

That party is rapidly heating up for Na Palm in 2012, and all of the
World is invited.

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