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Turbina, A Sound Revival

With bittersweet melodies making their way through chaotic soundscapes, Turbina, a band from Mexico City, emerges and reinvents itself through the album named

“Leti’ Hum Eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi.”

Without leaving its rock & roll spirit behind, the material sounds like a new voice has risen, but one that is well-traveled. In 2003, Turbina burst onto the scene with the single Abre la puerta, and then anchored their fans with songs like Mira al cielo and Satélite, from their first album “Panamérica” in 2006.

This record proved a success and garnered a nomination as “Best Independent Artist” at the Latin America MTV Awards in 2007, a trip to Canada to shoot the video for Mira al cielo, a recognition as the most broadcasted band on radio that year, an appearance in the book Sonidos Urbanos, and an inclusion in the soundtrack for the Mexican film Juegos Inocentes with the theme tune Olvidarte para siempre.

Now with a more mature sound, Alejandro Lara and Homero Ortega are releasing the project “Leti’ Hum Eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi” in recognition of Mexican native languages, created in three parts: an EP edited on CD, on vinyl and available for on-line downloading.

Leti’ Hum Eek’ is “the sound of the comets” (Mayan,) Inda Jani is “the water that is born” (Zapotec,) and Mish Masadi is “moon child” (Mixe-Zoque.) Together they form a triple opus. After a first listening, everyone can choose which title goes with which work.

In April 2011, they launched the first chapter which held the single Cretino, now being played on national radio stations. The 2nd and 3rd chapters are still to come.

Armed with new songs, Turbina appeared at the 2011 Vive Latino Festival, the Revista Marvin’s 10th Anniversary, and also in many of the spots that form Mexico City’s rock circuit. Now Turbina is targeting festivals where the flip side of its production, experimental music, can be performed.

Gerry Rosado, from Discos Intolerancia, produced the studio work, and instilled an artistic, serious, and risky discourse into it. With Nick Sanchez on the bass guitar, Aaron Rojas on drums, and Ivan Perez on the trumpet, the magic is transferred from studio to stage.

If you can catch it, the ambient show boasts visual effects generated and performed live by guest artists. Altogether, it creates a sensorial atmosphere that transports you to the quintessential spirit of pure rock & roll.

Turbina invites you to sample a sound which breaks away from the standards of a generation. “Leti’ Hum Eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi” is a triple record that blends the band’s anglophile musical influences with its intrinsic Latin American and Mexican identities. If you feel like tasting the hard-to-pronounce material, we can reveal that it mixes modern sounds such as dubstep, IDM, and pop melodies, with traditional music from Mexico.

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