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The Volture

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A solid garage rock sound based on interesting bases created through acid distorted guitars, saturated dirty bass riffs , dynamic drumming and soothing melodic vocals are a simple description of The Volture‘s sound. the conceived project through almost 2 years of studio work but many more of history saw the light in may 16 2008 when its homonim material came out.
Composed ,Aranged, Performed , Produced and Co-Mixed by Maurizio Terracina (Vocals/Guitar) has managed to engrave in each track the essence of Rock N Roll; that which is violent and sensual at the same time; that wich comes out of the darkest corner of the mind but gets to the softest parts of the soul ;that wich combines magesticaly the sounds of Clasic Rock with Garage feal and Psycodelic Droaning.
Each one of the tracks that conform The Volture (Tetra Gamma/Universal)are an open invitation to sink in the most pure and honest sound filled with symbolisms in wich every note has something to say and where found sensations converge and give form to a difficult to live in any other place , time or moment.. but perfecto for today here and now.
“Lo que Nos Separa” ,The Albums first single encarnates the soul of the record “We wanted to do something serius , something hard , but at the same time give something to the people something that thy can have a good time listening to and relate without any pretencions but to go on stage plug the cord and start a kik ass show” comments Terracina who shares his love for Music with Magick & Ocultism.
Track List The Volture
• 1 Millón
• Lo Que Nos Separa
• Share The Shame
• Cadáver
• Draw A Line
• Excéntrico Antídoto
• Fall Out And Break
• Kandy
• Testigo [Elimínalo]
• Una Casualidad

About Maurizio Terracina….
Maurizio Terracina born on a 14 of December in Donauwörth Germany.since he was 4 years old radicates in Monterrey,Mexico where his inclination for music takes him learn how to play acustic guitar at the age of 9 and bass at the age of 11, instruments wich he becomes part of the local music scene at 15 he forms part of Zurdok alternative band that gives strict reference to the nacional music history in editin Antena (1997) Hombre Sintetizador (1999) and Maquillaje (2001) all thrugh Universal Music. Closing the Zurdok Circle comes out Vaquero band created by Maurizio and former band member Chetes reinforced with Rodrigo Guardiola (Zoé) with wich they edit their Homonim album produced by Peater Reardon (former Zurdok Producer). Little after Terracina Begins his work as a Record Producer and A&R agent producing new up and coming acts with an interesting new sound activiti that he works parallel to The Volture and begins gaining recognition as a producer with his first work Defecto Perfecto by División Minúscula, album that went Gold in Mexico.

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