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Los Headaches

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Our sound is raw and itchy like love making on a bad day

GOD was kind enough to put us all living creatures in here to eat each other in an endless armament race, till we all become mass destruction weapons...
I've been walking in this limbo for I don't know how long, I don't remember how it started but I remember it was for the pure and naive quest for pleasure, which promised so much back then:
Masturbation, alcohol, cigarettes, love, music, movies, drug use, sex(not so much), and everything that gave me the pale and insipid version of what life should have been... all of this with the mighty old television as the perfect background.
Any attempt of liberation will only turn the wheel all over again, a little harder each time.
Thanks a lot for the neverending hunger asshole!!! Hope you're laughing out loud! blablablabla

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