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The Vandelles

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The Vandelles are the surf-darlings of the surging psych-pop scene, intertwining their signature psych-noir sound with 60’s pulp-rock stylings and slinky hula surf riffs and harmonic dissonance the band lays out a sound that all can get down to. Based in Brooklyn NYC, their style, sound and attitude embodies a secret soiree on a California beach well passed midnight, fueled by things lifted out of a parent’s stash and Shirley Temples.

The songs take the vibes of a Beach Boys record and run them through a static cracked sound wave, all enhanced by the band’s vintage approach to both songwriting and sonic allocation. The female rhythm section deals out thunderous riffs while the two gents squeal feed-back solos covered by lush vocals.

The Vandelles released a self-titled debut EP in 2009 on Safranin Sound (US), and on SVC Records (UK ). Their first EP grabbed them an MTVU spot, countless live shows, including a national tour opening for storied band “The Warlocks”, as well as headliner spots as Austin Psyche Fest 2010 and Iceland Airwaves 2010. Most recently, The Vandelles self released their first full-length record, Del Black Aloha – supported by a video shot by famed videographer Bruce Ashley for the single “Lovely Weather”. In March 2011 the band released their EP Summer Fling comprised of three dreamy surf pop songs, and psych music anthems. The band was well received at SxSw 2011 with 6 shows, including 2 official SxSw showcases; and is slated to return for SxSw 2012. Recently they toured Canada and appeared in Toronto’s NxNe festival and Pop Montreal. They have just recorded a new album, and are gearing up for its release.

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