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Young and in the Way

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Formed in the early months of 2009 by four individuals in search of an opening to flee their discontent with the mundane routine of normal life and their past musical endeavors. Young and in the Way found that escape in the form of a small wooden shed on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. It was here the band crafted their first release, a demo simply titled Newborn. The band played their first handful of live shows throughout the remaining months of 2009 nailing their debut EP into an out of print coffin.

YAITW spent the Winter months of late 2009 and early 2010 recording a new album titled Amen. The band emerged with the full length in March 2010 and received some label attention and interest in releasing the album. The band opted for an independent release of Amen which was followed by a number of live shows and a Southeastern tour of the United States.

During the Spring months of 2010 YAITW began writing new material between shows and while awaiting the release of the second album Amen. The band completed a recording session of six new songs that was originally intended only for personal reference and was shelved for several months with no intention of being released. Several months later the band revisited the session with fresh ears and remixed the recording. Cloven Hoof was created and released.

YAITW took the remaining months of 2010 to focus on writing new material. During December 2010 and January 2011 the band recorded a new album titled I Am Not What I Am. The album was independently released in March 2011 on limited 12" vinyl. Shortly after the release of "I Am Not What I Am" the band pulled a recording session from November 2010 of 3 songs which were put forth onto a split 7" with Greensboro, NC band Torch Runner. Headfirst Records released the limited 7" in July 2011.

YAITW completed 2011 with the release of the massive V. Eternal Depression by Antithetic Records in November 2011. The album was a ground breaking creation for the band using a mixture of solemn piano, pummeling blackened crust, live percussion, woodwind instruments and samples live recorded in a forest. Making several "Best of the Year" lists in 2011, Young and in the Way created a truly classic release to stand the test of time.

The year 2012 only brings more for YAITW. The band is set to release the I Am Not What I Am + Amen 2x12" with A389 Records in January. The release is a special reissue of the independently released LP I Am Not What I Am and the never before released on vinyl 2010 album Amen. YAITW has also stated they plan to release several split 7 inches over the course of 2012.

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