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Starting with their self-titled debut in 2005, Winterpills have built a vibrant career with their exquisite chamber-pop songs that The Washington Post called “densely packed but hugely evocative, tiny bombs of feeling and meaning… fiendishly melodic", attracting fans from their native New England to the Netherlands and beyond.

They may be one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Northampton, Massachusetts in recent years, adding another chapter to the ever-expanding world of ethereal indie-pop. They play haunting, delicate, dynamic, room-hushingly beautiful music with shimmering melodies and aching lyrics. Fronted by singers Philip Price and Flora Reed, they harmonize closely, often and gorgeously.

Winterpills have released five records to critical acclaim and have grown into "a band that is only becoming more essential" (The Hartford Courant). Their 2010 E.P. Tuxedo of Ashes, was reviewed in The New York Times, “Winterpills gradually builds elegant arrangements... While the gathered instruments offer some solace, the songs stay haunted."

Their most recent CD, All my Lovely Goners was released February 14th on Signature Sounds. It stretches well beyond Winterpills’ previous boundaries on thirteen new songs that are at once identifiable, yet broader. All My Lovely Goners embraces the hushed vocal harmonies and graceful chamber-pop sound the group has made its trademark, while pushing the quintet into new sonic realms.

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