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Listen to I Slept With All Your Mothers

Harriet is a Los Angeles-based band fronted by former Dawes member Alex Casnoff. The quartet's self-released debut EP Tell The Right Story was released on January 31, 2012 and is available for free download at www.HarrietMusic.Com.

Inspired largely by classic storytelling and the spectacle of the movies, Tell The Right Story weaves eerily romantic ballads with unwavering anthems, and features classic elements of Americana and folk music contrasted with futuristic electronic samples and beats.

"I wanted it to feel big... cinematic. I wanted every song to be a movie, " said Casnoff. "I wanted it to feel like an occasion. I wanted it to feel like a wedding."

Casnoff was formerly a member of notable Los Angeles bands Dawes and PAPA, bands both named after grandfathers. In flipping the tradition, Casnoff decided to name the band after his grandmother, Harriet. After touring the country for years with his prior bands and with a growing arsenal of his own songs, Casnoff stepped into the studio in June 2011, armed with his nicest suit and a bottle of fine tequila, to record what would become Tell The Right Story. The result is a striking collection of songs that draw on the influence of classic American singer-songwriters, film, electronic music, and Casnoff's experience as a touring musician.

"I may have seen every gas station in the country, but the America I feel indebted to is not in the past, at least not that far. I am a product of my time. We make music about the retro-future. Music about coping. Anti motivational motivational music."

Harriet is Alex Casnoff, Aaron Folb (bass), Henry Kwapis (drums), and Adam Gunther (guitar). Tell The Right Story was produced by Sean O'Brien and recorded in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Early Praise For Tell The Right Story...

"Hints at some of Dawes' more dynamic moments while capturing Casnoff's own unique emotional delivery."

"Nodding to Wilco with the right touch of Queens of the Stone Age-style grit, Harriet eloquently transform alternative rock... elegantly ethereal and heart-wrenchingly honest. From sparsely soothing piano passages to dreamy distorted hooks, this is the best story the indie world has produced in a long time..."

"... Notably cinematic in nature with pointedly dramatic lyrics and melodies. "I Slept With All Your Mothers" is an aching indie rock number, as heavy in parts as it is forlorn."

"Like the lovechild of Neutral Milk Hotel and Wilco, delivered twenty years late. It's a full-bodied elixir for the heartbreak of a crashing American Dream."
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