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We Are The In Crowd

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We Are The In Crowd know that they have a lot to prove with the release of their first full-length album, Best Intentions - and that’s exactly what they thrive on. The challenges of being on the road for months at a time, of making sacrifices for the sake of an album, of meeting the expectations of their fans and themselves - these are all hurdles this young band are ready to tackle head on.

A continuation of sorts of their well-received debut EP, Guaranteed To Disagree, the Hopeless Records-released Best Intentions features the same highly-charged vocals and propulsive movement as before, but now elevated to the next degree. “This record definitely has the same vibe as our EP, but we now had more room to create a more dynamic record,” vocalist Tay Jardine said. “A goal of our band is to expand our fan base, and I think we were able to make a song for everyone on Best Intentions without it being sporadic.”

We Are The In Crowd – vocalist Tay Jardine, guitarist/vocalist Jordan Eckes, guitarist Cameron Hurley, bassist Mike Ferri and drummer Rob Chianelli - created Best Intentions with previous EP producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Jimmy Eat World, Mayday Parade, Cartel), and used their “five cooks in the kitchen” approach to create the most well-rounded version they could assemble. Even the lyrical matter and vocal leads are a collaborative process, worked into and around the musical skeleton. Jardine and Eckes base their battle-of-the-sexes vocal distribution on the personal meaning of the song subject and what melodies are their strong suits. “As hectic as it sounds, in the end, five cooks are really happy with the finished product,” Jardine said.

Fans of every variety should be pleased with the musical offerings of Best Intentions, ranging from the pop-punk frenzies that showcase their amplified sound (frenetic second track “This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB”), to more thought-provoking slow-burners (the past relationship-lamenting “You’ve Got It Made”). It doesn’t stop there: the positively swooning “Kiss Me Again” is the kind of unapologetically sweet, honest tune sure to soundtrack the prom of a next generation, and the unexpected handclaps that start off “All Or Nothing” veer into a strong-willed ultimatum. But it’s the bursting back-and-forth of lead single “Rumor Mill” that showcases the powerful, gender-swapping barbs of Jardine and Eckes best.

The song, written in the studio after the band read a hurtful untruth about them online, came from Jardine’s decision to use the statement as fuel to her songwriting fire. “I decided to take the high road and not bother personally addressing the underdeveloped opinion of someone who doesn’t really know me or our band. The song fulfills the theory of ‘don’t believe everything you hear or read.’ We want people to hear this song and remember that there are people who will tell lies and step on your feet just make themselves feel taller.” It’s that kind of mature yet fiery attitude that makes Best Intentions the kind of relatable and personal record anyone can align themselves with.

From traversing the country times over and creating a full-fledged debut record, We Are The In Crowd have grown tremendously as musicians and as people in the two years since their EP was released. They’ve been given the opportunity to reach their fan base far and wide with both packaged tours (All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Cartel) and big-time performances (Bamboozle, Warped Tour). They learned how to support each other through those grueling months on the road - “you get burnt out and it is challenging, but it’s something we’re so grateful for” - and how to settle differences of musical tastes and preferences - “recognizing each other’s assets keep us strong and connected” - to create an overall product they’re excited to share with fans.

Jardine says the band recognizes the fortunate position they are in, and that every day is a new chance to learn how to be a better version of the newcomers they are. “Our band is certainly still learning, but I think we’ve got a pretty strong foundation. We’re constantly learning how to catch up; a lot of time we feel like things move too fast. But I’d rather be catching up than not busy at all, I’m thankful for that.”

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