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Ghosts on Tape

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Ryan Merry, San Francisco based DJ and producer better known as Ghosts on Tape makes what he likes to call deep rave music for tripped out weirdos. While the many strains of house and techno make up the bulk of the Ghosts On Tape aesthetic, the phantom rhythms of Afro-Cuban drums, the smack of Miami bass and King Tubby’s delay boxes have all joined the party in one form or another. Chances are if someone danced to it, it will have been caught on one of his old Yamaha samplers, ready to be unleashed in the dance: on Wireblock, Planet Mu, Shockout, Innovative Leisure and Opit, as well as via Ryan’s own ICEE HOT parties. Recently awarded membership into the Red Bull Music Academy, we should all expect big things from this guy in the years to come.

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