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Andrea Balency Trio

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French-Mexican Andrea Balency was born in Paris in 1989 and after a thorough and classical education; she started composing music at the age of 17. Since then, her life experiences from both Argentina and Mexico - where she’s been living since her teens – have influenced her songwriting to the point of not only including traditional French music and ‘chanson’ but also Mexican and Argentina’s folklore. Throughout her short career she also included a wide array of other music styles to her own chemistry, ranging from jazz and sometimes hip-hop to a touch of electronic music which is, slowly, becoming her new favorite experimental ground.

In the end, whatever the sound and the language used in her songs, the themes she’s been exploring – such as literature, the sea, time and loneliness – end up bringing back memories of the gray and cold streets of Paris, memories of rain and melancholy and a world where words are mostly vehicles and where feelings take over instead.

After a couple of years as a solo artist, her Project became a ‘Trio’ in 2009. Until the end of 2011, the young multi-instrumentalist (Vocals/Loops, Piano, Accordion, Guitar and seemingly a new instrument every other week) will benefit from the strong support of Mike Sandoval - an extremely talented double-bass player who brought a very nice touch of jazzy ambiance to the project - and drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Jerson Vazquez, from the Mexican indie band ‘Torreblanca’.

In 2012 Andrea Balency is planning to release her 2nd EP ‘Lover’ as well as her 1st ever LP (by mid-2012), which is planned to be released in Mexico, France, USA and Spain, with a few more territories hopefully joining this list soon.

As for shows and tours, Andrea will travel to the USA (New York in January/February + Austin, TX for the SXSW 2012 + California for the summer), as well as New Zealand (February), Spain, France (summer) and more European countries to be confirmed, at the end of the year.

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