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Carletta Sue Kay

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Carletta Sue Kay are equal parts Marianne Faithful, Joanna Newsom and Emmylou Harris, coupled with the song writing styles of Stephin Merritt and Cole Porter. The music gravitates toward the sadder side of life, lamenting much, regretting more. CSK is named after singer-songwriter Randy Walker’s real-life cousin who served a prison sentence for domestic terrorism and threatening to blow-up her ex-boyfriend with a pipe bomb. This is an auspicious inspiration for a musical persona who, performing with an obvious five-o’clock shadow, sings heart-wrenching yet transformative songs of love, life, and relationships told from the perspective of a woman. Carletta’s live performances have so riveted audiences that she has already secured an international following—before releasing even a single record. The debut Carletta Sue Kay lp Incongruent will be out this year on Kitten Charmer. Singer Randy Walker, aka Carletta was recently honored to record with the Magnetic Fields for their forthcoming and 10th album Love at the Bottom of the Sea on Merge.
"Infinitely more touching than Antony"
– Vogue Italia

"Lotte Lenya and Edith Piaf combined,
with all of the tragedy but far more humor”
– SF Weekly

“Carletta Sue Kay is the slightly unhinged gender-bending alter ego of Randy Walker, a psychotic Loretta Lynn acolyte who leads her wonky pop quartet through songs about beautiful boys and lady renegades. Named after Walker's real-life cousin (who is reportedly in jail for trying to blow up her boyfriend's house), CSK is equal parts trashy and droll: Walker's syrupy falsetto somehow manages to simultaneously channel a truck stop waitress and a gay cabaret diva.”
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