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Deadly Cradle Death

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Listen to Noise Is Dying

The experimental, electronic, no wave, hip-hop duo Deadly Cradle Death is formed by He Fan (also member of Carsick Cars and Birdstriking) and Liu Xinyu (from Chui Wan). The pair met in a experimental guitar show back in 2008 and after talking and talking about noise music, for which they share a passion, decided to form a band, Cardiac Murmur, along with Wang Xinjiu (also from Birdstriking). The band was a regular at the experimental night that the renown Beijing D-22 held every Tuesday (Zooming Night) but the band broke up after a year. He Fan and Liu Xinyu decided to form a new band: Deadly Cradle Death. Their influences range from no wave music to psychedelic, including experimental and hip-hop. The band first got on D-22's stage in the early days of 2011 and have become a new band to follow in the Beijing scene, not only among followers of experimental music, but reaching a much broader public. Deadly Cradle Death is signed to Maybe Mars and will enter the studio to record their first album with Yang Fan (from Ourself Beside Me and former member of Hang On The Box) as producer in the spring of 2012.

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