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Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team

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Today Orgasmic and Teki Latex, the two public faces of the label, unite to form the SOUND PELLEGRINO THERMAL TEAM and they are ready to take that movement to a club near you. Even though their teaming up behind the turntables is rather recent, these two have known each other for 15 years and have released countless collaborations. Going through various musical phases, they have always kept a will to explore forward-thinking dance music that will make the crowd go crazy without sounding stale and outdated.

Mixing ingredients ranging from tribal rhythms, pumping tech house and mini baltimore to warped funky sounds with a slice of club rap thrown in for good mesure, the Thermal Team’s mineral cocktail promises to bring something refreshing and bubbly to the table. With already 5 mixes acclaimed by the blogosphere under their belt, the A&R and helming of the 20 releases of Sound Pellegrino’s exemplary catalog, as well as remixes for the likes of L-Vis 1990 or Momma’s Boy out and the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team debut EP "Bassface" released in June 2011 and a new one set for an April release, this new combination of already well established forces is ready to take the house music world by storm.

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