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Hudson Moore

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Listen to Fireworks

All the listening and songwriting resulted in a unique alt.-Texas country/Texas pop sound laden with rock, soul and roots. At the heart of Moore’s songs are a groove and a melody. “Rather than being a singer-songwriter and writing words and then putting chords to them, I like to intrigue people first with a melody,” he says. “And then whatever emotion it evokes is what I sing about. It’s about the mood and the beat and tempo and vibe. I just rely on my ear. I try to take from everything I hear. I write my own rules.”

There’s a positive spirit and potential that underlies the distinctive genre-melding musical mix and heartfelt lyrical themes. “You can do what you want if you try. Just tell yourself you are going to do it,” Moore says.

With the release of his debut album, Moore has made a bold step in the direction of living out his dreams. “As a child, I used to listen to the radio and was always intrigued by the guitar. I would imagine myself playing it to huge crowds,” he admits. “I didn’t know how to do it or what it would look like, but I thought it was a good deal to aspire to. I could tell from the energy and vibe of the music that playing for people was a special thing to do.”

With FIREWORKS, Moore sees his goals on the horizon. “I’m going to play music until the day I die,” he says. “I’ll definitely be playing and creating music my whole life.” In regards to his role as a live performer, Moore says, “I’m really eager to play for everybody any chance I get. Right now I’m manifesting my dreams I used to have and planting new dreams.”

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