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Stepping out from the rich San Francisco bass music scene into a spotlight of his own, Comma aka Ryan Gilbert is invigorating the beat community of the Bay Area and beyond with a strong shove of electronic innovation and a solid post-genre style.

Building on the hip hop beats that he has loved for a lifetime, Comma’s multi-dimensional sound draws inspiration from many ends of the horizon. Headnodding and melodic, Comma creates richly textured music that is influenced by cassette-era rap beats, vintage synthesizer music, childhood commercials, grime, prog rock, and science fiction.

Identifying with the freeform beat movement that has so powerfully grasped the underground electronic music community, Comma’s love of this forward-thinking style is evident in the spirit and continuous cutting edge of his production work. He infuses his music with a diverse smattering of sounds, from dance-friendly dubstep fire and warped experimental excursions to funky upbeat melodies, anthemic chords and 80’s aesthetics.

Deeply entrenched in the community that he inspires, Comma helps run the Bay area’s Frite Nite label and collective, a taste-making crew that brings together disparate elements and different people into the thriving electronic music scene. Collaborating with Boreta of The Glitch Mob in the electronic band Slidecamp and working with Eprom as half of Biclops, Comma connects the dots into productions chock full of bass and boldness.

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