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Echo Park's NO began as a response to the limitations in the notions of being denied, and of heartache. In an effort to reclaim it, and reinterpret it as more than just an antithesis to possibility, they wanted to start there. Friends, Bradley, Sean, Joe, Reese, and Mike got together and began building something that best represented their collective ethos- seeking something more authentic in music and in themselves. What naturally unfolded were prose on youth, love, adventure. It became There are remnants of odes to Bill Callahan, The National, and Arcade Fire -- epic, atmospheric drums that pulsate, buttered bass tones, melodic choruses.

Frontman Bradley Hanan Carter's baritone vocals speak to the tension between the wanting and waiting, waiting for love or for some kind of order or sense to how it all works. Their track, "Stay With Me" is a ballad of calculated pleas. Of slow, delicate movements. It's being in love with someone, and hoping for some kind of stillness in the unpredictability of love. He asks, "wasn't there a place for me/inside your heart?" It's all the words you'd ever want your lover to say, the fantastic notion of running away, the return to youth, when everything was uncomplicated and wonderful. The interplay between hope and despair weaves itself throughout the collection of six songs in their debut EP "Don't Worry, You'll Be Here Forever" a sentiment that suggests that wherever "here" might be, it's a good place to start.

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