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Cannon Bros

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Listen to Left in a Hurry

Playing music with a sense of urgency and sophistication well beyond their years, it is tempting to place bets on just how far their remarkable talent will lead this band. In the autumn of 2009, Cole Woods and Alannah Walker formed Cannon Bros upon the premise that the less people you have in a band, the easier it is to get things done. While this utilitarian approach could easily limit a lesser group, Cannon Bros prove that less can certainly be more -- though merely made by one guitar, a set of drums, and two voices, these songs do not sound stripped down or bare, but full and vibrant. With ridiculously catchy melodies and great songs, the sky is most certainly the limit. Think Pavement meets Yo La Tengo or early Replacements meets an edgier, less religious version of the Carpenters. Look for their first full length album “Firecracker/Cloudglow” out on Disintegration Records.

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