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Expect no gimmicks from San Francisco-bred emcee, DaVinci. Though his upbringing in the historic Fillmore District is a far cry from its jazz heyday, he represents a new generation of post-Reaganomic crack-era rap, whose often-unwitting participants had to hustle to survive past their adolescence. “My music has everything to do with my environment: from robbing, killing, pimpin’ to selling and abusing family, gentrification, and shit, just havin’ fun,” he explains about his heavy content. “It’s a direct reflection of what my friends and family have been through and are still going through.”

Since dropping his debut album The Day The Turf Stood Still last year, his rise has been meteoric, becoming one of the first SF emcees to be featured at A3C, CMJ, and SXSW Music Festivals with multiple showcases, earning himself a coveted spot on 106.1 KMEL’s Bay Area’s Freshman 10 of 2010, and guest appearing on DJ Muggs’ Shade45 radio show ”Soul Assassins Radio: The West Wing”. Soon to come is another SWTBRDS release this summer, the Feast or Famine EP, followed by his much-anticipated sophomore release The Moena Lisa.

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