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On the surface, TacocaT may seem to be all about tacos, cats, fluorescent highlighters, reverb, great hair, gum, and tambourines, but that's just to throw you. That's frosting. Through clever social and political commentary via pop culture references and a relentless emphasis on positivity, this grrrl-fronted palindrome transcend pop-punk pigeonholing while never forgetting their primary mission: FUN. The four-piece has shared the stage with the likes of Best Coast, the Vivian Girls, Kid Congo Powers and Leslie and the Lys. Their debut album Shame Spiral was released on Seattle’s Don't Stop Believin' Records in 2008, and quickly won over local critics, DJs, musicians, and Bustopher Joneses (that is to say, “cats about town”). TacocaT are Lelah Maupin, Bree McKenna, Emily Nokes, and Eric Randall.

"TacocaT's jokes and uncanny party-starting ability mean you have to try in order to hate them. And ‘trying’ isn't going to get you anywhere with this band."
-Andrew Matson, The Seattle Times

“They’re the best band in the world.”
-Katy Goodman (La Sera, Vivian Girls)

“Is there a house bong?”

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