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Fanny Bloom

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Fanny Bloom grew up in the country, where she studied music and met two boys with whom she would go on to form the band "La Patère Rose" in 2008. In no time, the trio won the Grand Prize at the 12th Edition of the Francouvertes and got signed to "Grosse Boîte" in Quebec, and then to "Naïve" in France. Though "La Patère Rose" members parted ways in July 2011, Fanny did not give up on music and started writing again. Leaving behind the ribbons and the shades of pink, the artist, now more mature, began work on a solo project : "Apprentie Guerrière". The album combines her talent for piano melodies with deeper rhythms, more urban sounds and a more intimate feel. It’s as if, through music, the once-naïve Fanny has grown into a woman, replacing the pastel coloring pencils and little-girl pigtails with blood-red lipstick and messy hair.

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