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Park Hotell

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Park Hotell is from the north. I mean way up north. In Sweden, just below the Arctic Circle, on the seashore by the Bothnian Bay, lies Luleå. It’s like any other northern industrial town in the world, be it Manchester, Glasgow, Portland, Toronto etc. Although Luleå is really, really northern, on the map and in mind.

Towns like this bring forth a special kind of pop music: it’s often just a little bit faster, a little bit harsher, and a bit more heartbreakingly real than your average indie act. It’s out of necessity - you have to be ready to move real fast. In case a local thinks you’re anything else than a hard-working, hockey-loving man's man. So you play fast, you learn to fight, and you learn to stay true to your ideas. Because if you’re getting beat up anyway, you might as well do something worthwhile between the punches.

Or else you quit. Park Hotell aren't quitters.


Park Hotell spent the mid 2000's below the radar, stuck in no-way-out record contracts with dying labels. They spent their years refining their noisy, punky pop before finally earning back the rights to their masters. Free to move forward, their EP "The Guest Who Stayed Forever" and its lead single "Low On Resistance" (mixed by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John) quickly received critical acclaim in Sweden.

For their debut album "Free For Friends" they recruited producer Jari Haapalainen (Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura, The Concretes, Nicolai Dunger etc.) and the vocal talents of indie duo "Taxi! Taxi!". After releasing their album they toured clubs and festivals and served as the opening act for bands like Franz Ferdinand and Holy Fuck.

In 2011 the band unveiled their latest single, simply entitled "Cassette Single", featuring A-side "Mineral Filler" and B-side "Layers".

In 2012, their first U.S. release will hit the shelves, consisting of a compilation of songs from their previous European releases.

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