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The Dunwells

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Utterly natural. There’s no more fitting description for both the music of The Dunwells as well as the story of their magical rise from the pubs of Leeds, England to an American record deal and a stunning debut album in just two short years.

The group is two brothers, two cousins and totaling five best mates who simply love to sing and play music, and do so together. When they make music, the results exemplify the equation that the sum of the parts can be even greater than the whole. Striking an organic blend between acoustic and electric roots music laced by luscious vocal harmonies by all five members, their songs and sound feel both bracingly fresh while at the same time as warm and familiar as a dear longtime friend.

Blind Sighted Faith, the debut album on Playing In Traffic Records, is a timeless yet contemporary collection of 11 captivating and indelible numbers that transcend genres to offer a fresh, richly rooted harvest of listening pleasure. From its opening track, “I Could Be A King,” a regal rocker with splashes of modernist Britpop shine, the set is a sumptuous banquet of musical modes. One moves from moments of graceful reflective repose like “Only Me” to the swirling mesmerism of “Follow The Road.” The band offers a panoramic collection that seamlessly melds elements of Celtic and American folk, rock, blues, pop and soul into a trademark sound all their own. Whether it’s the majestic prayerful plaint of “Oh Lord” or the haunting bristle of “Perfect Timing,” the disc displays a dead aim for profound and affecting feeling matched by abundant musicality. Blind Sighted Faith is a stunning first bow that invites all that hear it to join The Dunwells “In The Moment,” as one song title declares.

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