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The Velvet Teen

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The Velvet Teen is an international rock band from Santa Rosa, California. Since their debut solo performance in Reykjavík, Iceland just after the millennial New Year, the group has garnered support around the globe, cultivating followings in Europe, Japan and the US. They have toured with Minus the Bear, Jimmy Eat World, Cursive, Mew and Deathcab for Cutie (Deathcab’s Chris Walla recorded their first full-length, ‘Out of the Fierce Parade’).

The music itself has always been a dynamic search for itself, bending genres and eluding expectations. From the early EPs which showed promise in the pop realm, to the indie jangle of ‘Out of the Fierce Parade’, to the romantic piano and string arrangements on the quietly political ‘Elysium’, to the live IDM beats and electronic programming of ‘Cum Laude’, The Velvet Teen has never been a band easily defined or pigeonholed. Their latest EP, ‘No Star’ draws from all these elements and pushes them further, trading sequencing for dual Super Shifter leads and showcasing the group in its most creative, defiant and focused effort to date.

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