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Shooter Jennings

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"I am beginning to believe the deals our forefathers made with the Devil not that long ago sealed our fate as well as theirs. How many generations will the Calling seduce and intoxicate? Did any of us have a choice? The salvation of the lonely road country blues fever is passed down, each generation stubbornly as rebellious as the one that infected and inspired it. Thank God for the Curse; the velocity and quality of modern day Roots music is the only saving grace I see in these sorry times and it gives me hope for our children."- Luther Dickinson/North Mississippi Allstars and the Black Crowes

Shooter Jennings has worn many hats throughout his career: the self-described "son of a rebel saint," the hell-raising vigilante minister at a revival of true country music, the radical prophet using rock and roll as his medium, the guiding light for an ever-growing army of young musicians who are, like Shooter himself, outsiders in today's music business. Now after a career where he has done everything from sharing the stage with Alice in Chains to writing songs for the Oak Ridge Boys, Shooter will finally reveal the man at the heart of it all when he releases "Family Man" in early 2012.

Shooter Jennings also has been moonlighting for over six years as a radio DJ. His "Electric Rodeo" airs Saturdays at 6pm EST and re-airs Sundays at 10pm EST in Outlaw Country, only on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

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