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Surreall is the life to the world of female MCs that has nearly become extinct. Her creative writing and unique style deliver a dynamic sound that can be heard before the 5'1 lyricist can be seen. Now that the diamond in the rough is shining, Houston definitely has a problem!

Raised in 8th Ward Houston, Surreall later moved to the northwest side in Acres Homes. Her sister Stacy's talent for rhyming influenced Surreall to experiment with music. At the age of 12, the young MC wanna-be recited Da Brats flows for her teachers and classmates. "Everybody thought they were mines because of the way I sounded and the lil' swagger I had," she recalls. But that little spark was all it took for her to start a fire. She began writing her own lyrics, and four years later she was in the studio recording her first song, "I Like It."

While in high school, Surreall entered an unhealthy relationship that threaten her career, but ironically, became the inspiration behind her attitude and writing. She was determined to not let personal matters interfere with studio time. “The studio was my place of refuge. I could relief stress and express myself in a positive way that wasn't adding to my problems,” she says with a smile. At that moment, she fell in love with Hip Hop. It was a bold step to walk away from her unhappy life after four years and begin a journey to claim her place in music.

By 2004, Surreall was dominating talent shows, open mic contests, block parties, and the thriving mixtape circuit with projects including "I'm Dat Bitch Vol. 3" (DJ Brandi Garcia), "Undaground Queenz Vol. 2" (DJ Princess Cut), and “The Take Over” (DJ Chill). She has also made guest appearances on Chop TV, Hoodz DVD, Rolling Out TV, Street Flava, and Rap City.

One of her features caught the attention of DJ Big Redd and DJ Michael “5000” Watts. After a long look at Surreall’s grind and talent, she made history becoming the first lady ever signed to Swisha House.

There's no question about Surreall's destiny in music. Her sexy gutter appeal is craved and her versatility is needed. The phenomenal performance she delivers is the culmination of energy and natural talent. "More than anything I want to be heard. I want my music to go further than my hood, my region," she says, introducing the world to the "Number 1 Dame in the Game!"

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