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The Ripe

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With boundless musical imagination, The Ripe has sprung forth from it's roots in power-pop, folk, garage, and psychedelia while still being nurtured by contemporary sounds and influences. Born in 2007, the Austin, Texas group consists of Jake Garcia on guitar and vocals, Gian Ortiz on bass and vocals, and Nick Yaklin on drums. Cultivated by the energy and hooks of powerpop, and consciously trying to bring to real life the Beatles White Album, these guys also feed upon equal doses of Forever Changes era LOVE and The Kinks at their Village Green best. They are but saplings. But students of rock and roll will want to take a stroll through this forest. The Ripe have created their full-length debut record "Into Your Ears" on vintage BBC/Abbey road sound recording equipment at the fabled Circo Perrotti studio in Gijon, Spain to be released through Get Hip Records. Please. Stay. Tuned...

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