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Secret Music

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The duo met in Brooklyn drawn together out of desperation to make music outside the indie band mediocrity. Secret Music began when Chase demoed an early version of “Top Drop” to Daniel with nothing but a raw Casio keyboard recording a year back. With a desire to do something fun, and an admiration for the classics, punk and guitar rock bands, eventually led them to whipping out guitars and their ‘Bedroom’ riffs.

At first it was just fun. The guys were fooling around with different sounds, not sure if they would ever be taken seriously. Slowly, but surely, they started to assemble what would become their first album. Helping to mold their self-title debut is producer, Passion Pit’s own synthmaster Ayad Al Adhamy. Ayad worked with the songs that came from a pure and organic place deep within Chase and Daniel’s souls.

"We just took demos in and he untied the knots. Whatever didn't feel right just got left behind, till we found ourselves exactly where we needed to be,” says Daniel “For a dude who's known for synth wizardry, he rips the guitar. It was just awesome how he instantly got the vibe that we've always intended for Secret Music.”

Their music can best be described as a rambunctious, yet combine a lo-fi celebration delivered through pay phones. Yes, there were actual pay phones used in the making of the record, stolen from the hustlin’ streets of Bed-Stuy at 4am. Luckily, the only things harmed in the great late night phone booth caper were the receivers and not Secret Music’s frontmen.

The live show is where everything comes together. Rounded out by a keyboardist, bassist and drummer, the band gives you their blood, sweat and more sweat, while giving the audience an experience that can only be described as a house party where everyone knows each other and your glass is never empty.

Their first full-length album is a collection of upbeat jams, and heart pounding synth cascades that make you want get into a car and speed down a highway or run a marathon. Their quirky lyrics of time traveling and space pirates merge with more drama filled lines that describe wild nights full of belligerence and carelessness. It’s like an arcade where all the games are always free and the competition is always weak. The secret to their music lies in you, the listener. I know of a place to go a secret that you should know.

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