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SIRsir AKA Lucas Silveira is a Sao Paulo-based producer doing all kinds of distorted, glitchy, psychedelic, phat-bass-driven electronic danceable music. While not sticking to any styles, SIRsir agressively transits between dark orchestrations and seering basslines.

His first EP, 'Immortalizer', delivers some fresh sounds to an almost forgotten nu disco genre, on a mixture of dirty and clean sounds over a massive bass drum/snare pattern that keeps people dancing through the whole experience.

'Suicide Girl' a mostly-dubstep-based tune featuring Lucas's lyrics and vocals, shows an even darker/heavier side of SIRsir's music, as well as the recently released freebie 'I'm The Car Crash'.

On his live set, there is nothing you can't expect. Depending on the crowd, his mash-ups, live mixes and originals can come out on any BPM, sometimes going from a fast breaks tune to a robotic re-work on some Mr. Oizo bootleg, half-sped. Sometimes Lucas likes to sing his own tracks, so it all depends on the mood, and every night is different from another.

2012 is going to be huge for this young Brazilian kid.

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