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New Roman Times

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Listen to Return to Where You Belong

New Roman Times lays out New Wave/post-punk hooks 'On the Sleeve'. It’s got that dancebeat of Radio 4. It’s got the brooding of the Psychedelic Furs. It’s music for arming yourself against the world’s attacks on you. It’s headphone music for introverts who need to have a soundtrack to propel them forward on their mission. It’s train music even if you’re commuting in an automobile. It’s atmospheric in a way you wouldn’t expect, so that you’re waving your arms around, dancing by yourself, listening to old things like the House of Love and the Railway Children. And it’s all worth every moment of being lost inside the wonderful parade of sound.

'On the Sleeve' was just recently licensed/released on Germany's Unter Schafen Records in October 2011.

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