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I Want My Name Back

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Whatever happened to the Sugarhill Gang? I WANT MY NAME BACK highlights the rise and fall of former original members of the Sugarhill Gang, Master Gee and Wonder Mike . As original writers and rappers, Master Gee and Wonder Mike were the creative leaders of the Sugarhill Gang who recorded the biggest selling Hip Hop single of all time called RAPPER’S DELIGHT. The album with that distinctive cover went platinum. The Sugarhill Gang are widely credited with introducing the world to Hip Hop music in 1979. We go back in time with Master Gee and Wonder Mike as they recreate the beginning of commercial Hip Hop. We follow their story as they tour the world for five years and follow up with songs like APACHE, 8TH WONDER and LIVING IN THE FAST LANE amongst others. And then one day in 1984 it’s gone. The money. The fame. But more interesting in this case their names. They lost their identity and their legacy as ruthless forces in the record industry tried to exploit and then destroy them. Thirty years after their historic recording, Master Gee and Wonder Mike come back to reclaim their names and their rightful legacy.

Whatever happened to the Sugarhill Gang? This is a thirty year story of the struggles of Wonder Mike and Master Gee, the pioneers of Hip Hop. It is a battle to get their names back from illegal trademarks and to reclaim their legacy. In this documentary we learn of identity theft and other larcenous acts. But Michael Wright and Guy O'Brien keep fighting against all odds to get their names back and to continue to perform. It's an unusual and powerful story.

Legendary rap group The Sugarhill Gang changed the face of the music industry with their iconic 1979 release “Rapper’s Delight,” which brought hip hop to the mainstream and remains to this day the biggest-selling single in hip hop history. However, in one of the biggest swindles in music history (which is saying something), the platinum-selling group not only had their profits and publishing rights stolen from them by their mob-financed label Sugar Hill Records, but their names as well: the label took founding members Wonder Mike and Master Gee’s names off of recordings that they wrote and performed, and even trademarked the group name—and Mike and Gee’s own stage names—by providing false documents. Featuring testimony from fellow artists, music-industry insiders, fans, music journalists and the original Sugarhill Gang members themselves, I Want My Name Back chronicles Mike and Gee’s thirty-year battle with Sugar Hill Records to reclaim their rights and recognition as hip hop pioneers.

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