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Prime Ministers

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Prime Ministers is a Rock Band, who will perform as showcasing artist at SXSW. Formed in 2008 by "E", Chimo, Perico and Pala, the band achieved success on LatinMTV, becoming one of the most prominent un-signed bands on the Latin Channel . Their videos Smoking Monkeys and Under Your Spell had no trouble to quickly find their way up on Latin MTV Most Wanted Videos for weeks (2009 and early 2010). Also during 2011, Far From Free ranked to the first chart and kept that position for 8 weeks. PM also was listed as one of the top50 Best Bands of 2011 (MTVLA).
“Best 2009 Rock Band” & “Breakthrough Band’ the same year in Ecuador. The acceptance has been overwhelming through radios and local media. Very few bands have made such impact after the launch of their first album in Ecuador. Prime Ministers marked the starting line in the national scenario since the very moment they began creating music.
PM a quartet of ‘alt-rock’ musicians are innovative in how they have presented themselves as rockers in Latin America. Their lyrics get stuck in our minds and hearts since the beginning, know that their story starts long before the band found a name, and it goes beyond rock…
MtvLa selected PM songs to be part of "Popland" soundtrack.
A few weeks ago Prime Ministers won MBN Award as Best International Performers representing Ecuador. This Award was given by "Alcaldía del Distrito Metropolita de Quito" "Teatro Nacional Sucre" and MBN - Ecuador. (Jan.25.2012)

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