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Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands

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Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands are a five piece band from Dublin, Ireland. Their critically acclaimed album 'You Look Cold' was released on Osaka Recordings in 2009. A remix album followed in 2010 called 'You Look Colder'. It featured remixes from the likes of Jape, Hunter-Gatherer and Legion Of Two.

Their second album 'Golden Syrup' is released on July 15th 2011. Moving on from the previous more DIY / lo-fi sound we now find them embracing a more gothic, minimal synth sound. Reminiscent of lesser known early 80's electronics pioneers such as Robert Rental, Thomas Leer and John Foxx but also drawing comparisons to such contemporary artists as Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and John Maus. Paul Lester in the Guardian's band of the day in November 2010 referred to it as "Spookily brilliant, Like Daryl Hall in hell" !

The music on Golden Syrup varies from Italo-disco and hypnagogic pop to the ghost-disco of the opener 'Miracle Candle', a dark dancefloor mover, to the more rhythmic synth-hook laden tracks such as 'Golden Syrup', 'too many harsh words' and 'Gouge'. We also get moments of beautiful heartfelt pop such as 'Broken up Now', and almost medieval electronica in the form of 'Strawberry Dog'.

Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead hands have played with Ariel Pink, Yeasayer, Future Islands, A Flock of Seagulls, Tickley Feather, Telepathe, Silk Flowers, Little Dragon, and Dan Deacon and some forthcoming uk and German dates.

Press Quotes
"It’s listening to Talking Heads on purple drank, or Crystal Castles on a celestial trip” (7/10) - NME

"...imagine dancing in a disco full of skeletons” (7/10) - AU (Alternative Ulster)

(7/10) - Drowned in Sound (uk)

"Spookily brilliant, like Daryl Hall in hell.."- The Guardian (uk) band of the day

"His new album is great" - The Quietus (uk)

"Sounding like Prince trapped in a Mausoleum" (4/5) - Metro

"..sounds like something Molly Ringwald could shred a prom dress to" (4.5/5) - Eric’s London (uk)

"...something so deeply intriguing about it that you will keep returning in a bid to unravel its mysteries" (4/5) - Irish times/ticket

"Exciting, disturbing and generally splendid" (4/5) - Subba Cultcha (uk)

"A true artist in awe at the musical tools at his disposal" - The Quietus (uk)

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