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Enjambre is a contemporary rock ensemble, their sound has sparkles of the sixties and seventies, South American ballads, a touch of nostalgia, and climatic moments, all this wrapped up into a rock and roll context. Enjambre was originally formed by brothers Luis (vocals) and Rafael Navejas (bass) who released their first record in 2005 named Consuelo en domingo in which soon became a local buzz within the Spanish rock scene in Southern California. After a line up adjustment, their youngest brother Julian (keyboards) joined the band along with their lifetime jamming friends from their hometown Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Ángel Sánchez (drums) and from Los Angeles, California, Javier Mejía (lead guitar).

By the time their second record El Segundo es Felino (2008/09) was released, the band moved to Mexico City where throughout numerous gigs, word of mouth, social networks and radio coverage, they become well-known in a surprisingly short amount of time gaining a substantial fan base. Towards the end of 2010 EMI signed Enjambre and released their third album Daltónico. Such record projected the band to a wider audience thus placing Enjambre among the bands with a great demand countrywide.

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