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Canalón de Timbiquí

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Listen to Una sola raza

Canalón de Timbiquí honors the richness of its land. Its music is born in the mines, on the banks of the river, in the jungle and in the resistance of the blacks. The group is musicaly directed by the teacher Elizabeth (Licha) Sinisterra García and is made up of musicians and traditional singers ¨cantadoras¨ with etnical roots on afro-colombian heritage. They all come from a small town on the colombian Pacific Coast: Timbiquí. They interpret the colors and folklore of the colombian Pacific Coast. Its members recreate arrullos, myths and legends around Santa Bárbara, patron saint from their town. They play jugas, bambucos and bundes to honor the activities they do in their town: fishing, mining, agriculture. Canalon de Timbiqui plays traditional marimba, 2 bombos: golpeador and arrullador, two cununos: male and female, and the guasás that the traditional singers play rhythmically along with their choirs.

The folkloric group Canalón de Timbiquí has won the musical festival Petronio Alvarez as best marimba player and best singer. As a group they have been playing since highschool thanks to the teacher Licha and their latest CD is UNA SOLA RAZA.

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