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Slovakian male&female duo of songwriters Longital invite comparisons to Nordic brethren Sigur Ros, playing bowed guitars and singing in an exotic language. The similarities end there, however.

Schooled as a jazz musician and steeped in the music of the East melted with electronics, Daniel Salontay joined together with poet and folk singer Shina to create a sound informed by music from far-flung reaches of the globe but still distinguished by its Eastern European provenance. Their sound has been described as „Camille and Spoon smoking around a Slavic midsummer bonfire, like Animal Collective with a European pedigree. ”

Eddie Cooney in his five star review for the R2 Magazine UK praised their latest album („Teraz“) as „Strange in its originality and beautiful in its profundity, this is music like you have never heard before...”.

Longital describe themselves as indie pop, continuously developing their own approach to blending song and experiment, acoustics and electronics, in sophisticated yet catchy and upbeat ways. Salontay is renowned for his virtuoso bow technique on the guitar while Shina is a charismatic expressive singer who puts her fingers on silk sounding fretless bass. This couple of dedicated musicians choose to follow the path of the heart and surrender to their music completely.

Despite the relatively short period of existence, Longital is one of most export-ready Slovak band with touring experience in 12 European countries and the US tour in 2010. Longital has performed at the following showcase festivals: Region Conference Budapest, SXSW Austin, Europavox, MaMA Paris, Waves Vienna, Glimps Gent. Plans for 2012 include showcases at SXSW Austin, Canadian music fest Toronto and new album due to be relased in October. The duo has decided to leave musical traces instead of carbon ones, and travels with their technologically advanced and ultralight setup by trains mainly.

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