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Listen to Let the Dog drive home

Teitur has just released his new album in North America, "Let the Dog drive home", and completed a 6 week solo tour there.

On the new record he opted to give his songs a much more of an American influence, which led to a West Coast approach in their sound and production, shaping them into a well-tuned and clear record. Teitur describes the end result as “night radio music,” facilitating a body and soul experience rather than a creation of mind and thought. “Musically, I really wanted to have those classic chords with lots of fifths and fourths over an American drum beat,” Teitur recalls. “That sound and feel always remind me of Los Angeles…where I got signed as a songwriter in my early twenties.”

The Independent in the UK said of the album: "..Teitur's collection of songs soon winds itself inexorably round one's heart, its emotional tendrils taking purchase like clematis scaling a garden wall."
The Fly : "Music to hold dear"
MusicOMH: " Understated, and close to perfection..

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