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Anna Ihlis

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Anna Ihlis is a swedish singer and composer who started her singing at the early age of three, since then her voice has taken her through all different kinds of music genres. Folk, jazz, and classical and now she has ended up in some kind of pop/rock element. With her family she took her first steps up on stage, starting out in a small village in the middle of Sweden where she grew up. Her first instrument was the transverse flute and later on it became the piano.

The composing part started much later, while she was studying music 2002-2004, during the same time she formed her first band, "Anna Ihlis quartett" She played at some of the jazz clubs in Sweden.
2005 was the year that took her to Stockholm and that`s when she seriously started to compose, after getting a scholarship from her home village she did her first show with a band performing only original songs.
That was the start of it all.

Two years followed and during this years she recorded an EP "A different dance" and did her best to book her and the band some shows, while in the process of recording an album, she did a show in Stockholm and there she met Jesper Heed who was in the beginnig of starting up a recordlabel, they shook hands and she became a part of Peace & Love Artists early spring 2009.

The release of her first official album "I stay awake...goodmorning" appeared in April 2010, Tours in both Sweden and Portugal followed and good reviews with them both regarding the album and live shows.
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