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It is said that society has lost its way. We have all but entirely lost hope in the possibility of revolutionary progress instigated by the young people of Jamaica. The pessimists have yet to consider the notorious innovation of Jamaicans, that therein lies a rich history of focusing and refocusing in perilous times, pinpointing the tiny loopholes and then widening them into gaping gaps for not only Jamaicans to see the truth, but the entire world. This is what a certain exciting breakthrough musician has committed himself to doing. His name… Protoje.
Born in the 80’s but wishing he was birthed in the 60’s, Protoje (Oje Ollivierre) is the fresh face with the freshest lyrical delivery, still having a feel of vintage reggae music but being a suitable update for the present time.
Indeed, Marley’s mantra was to “free the people with music.” Protoje’s mantra is to free the people with art. Music – his appointed contribution to the artistic revolution – is only one of the many distinct art forms. He takes up the mantle of spokesperson for the Movement and represents the evident unity among a large group of talented musical, literary and visual artists in Jamaica who have silently and patiently developed under the radar and are about to march together into a new era of prosperity for all.
Despite being the cousin of regular chart-topping producer, Donovan ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett, Protoje continues to resist the urge to lay his vocals on every other riddim in the dancehall mainstream. Nevertheless, over the past three years his profile and popularity have grown significantly within the Jamaican market under the astute guidance of Don Corleon Records and HOUSE OF DIGGY the artist and events management company run by his mother and manager Lorna Bennett. To date he has recorded and released one full length CD/album “7 Year Itch”, a 23 track Mix CD “This is Protoje”, and six promotional music videos. He has performed on major local festivals such as Reggae Sumfest, and has also toured Europe twice in 2011. He is being hailed by many local and international music experts as one of the leading artists representing the future of Jamaican Reggae music on the international scene.
Already, a pattern has been detected whereby Protoje invariably sees a significant hike in his fan base the day after his last performance. This invokes the truth in the saying, “you have to see to believe.” Rolling with Protoje is rolling with the Movement.

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