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Audrey Horne

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AUDREY HORNE’s vocalist Toschie refers to his band’s typ of Rock’n’Roll as “in-depth entertainment”. The band’s name already alludes to the fact that the Norwegian squad is more than just a plain dog and pony show outfit. Audrey Horne is a mysterious and sexy character from the TV cult series “Twin Peaks”, played by Sherilyn Fenn. “When a band takes on a woman’s name, no one knows what to expect from them musically. That’s exactly the effect that we wanted to create by choosing that particular name”, says Toschie.

Despite this enigmatic name AUDREY HORNE’s sound is comparably tangible. The quartet from Bergen plays a mix of Alternative, Modern and Classic Rock, blending solid guitars with the warm sound of a Hammond organ and/or a whirring Mellotron. Toschie’s melodic voice creates a majestic sonic vault, while the down-to-earth grooves of drummer Kjetil and guest bass player Espen Lien lay the foundation of the band’s sound.

Regarding AUDREY HORNEs Hometown Bergen - seaport in the beautiful south of Norway and well known for its vivid music scene – Toschie states “Our setting does not allow for any musician to get too big for their boots. As soon as one is losing touch there is someone there to make you come right back down to earth.” Thus Bergen is the perfect place for a down-to-earth band like AUDREY HORNE, whose musical career started in 2002. Three years and countless nights in the rehearsal room later they released their EP “Confessions & Alcohol”, shortly followed by their debut album “No Hay Banda” for which they were awarded with the Norwegian Grammy as “Best Metal Act”. Their second album “Le Fol” followed in 2007, which earned them massive love from the press. Kerrang (UK) referred to the album as “tuneful, uplifting and peppered with intelligence”. Metal Hammer (UK) praised the record’s “unforgettably catchy hooks and choruses”, while Classic Rock (UK) adored the “inimitable musicianship talent” of each band member.

Most important feature of the Norwegian four piece’s sound is the creation of atmosphere. Intoxicating melodies come in dark, heavy and gloomy disguises, build up in oppressive ways just to lose themselves again in bitter sweet hook lines of the chorus. The depth and complexity of the songs reflects modern musical influences from bands like Tool and Queens Of The Stone Age but also influences from Classic Rock and here and there from bands like Alice In Chains – a diversity which not just sounds like AUDREY HORNE, a diversity which is AUDREY HORNE – with every single note.

Also Toschie’s lyrics are as demanding as the carefully arranged songs. “I prefer singing about the dark side of life as it is more interesting and mysterious”, Toschie comments on his love for gloomy topics. In “Firehose” for example he asks his lover whether she wants him to be “firehose or sweet kerosene” for their love. “Goodspeed”, the last song of the record, is a dark goodbye that at the same time announces a future reunion with the departing. “In this song you find the words “These Vultures”, which at the same time constitute the title of the first song of the record. These words are supposed to inspire the listener to replay the record once it is through and thus to close the circle again.”

Creative driving force in the band alongside Toschie is guitarist und songwriter Ice Dale (Arve Isdal). “Ice is constantly thriving to explore new horizons and permanently needs to evolve as a musician.” Besides his main band AUDREY HORNE Ice Dale also strikes chords in Enslaved and I (Abbath Of Immortal Fame). Thomas Tofthagen, AUDREY HORNE’s second guitarist, also plays in Sahg when not killing it for AUDREY HORNE. “Thomas is the most traditional of the band members”, says Toschie jokingly, “he wouldn’t listen to any music that was released after 1992”. Drummer Kjetil Greve already drummed in an oompah band when he was a little kid. As their guest bass player the four piece hired Espen Lien, and for the keys they chose Herbrand Larsen, who had already participated in former AUDREY HORNE records and projects.

In a nutshell: AUDREY HORNE plays a timeless, classic sound that comes along in big modern boots of next year’s collection. Producer of the new self titled record is none less than Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Coheed and Cambria, ISIS, The Melvins, Clutch), who had already mixed their debut album “No Hay Banda” (2005). And quoting from the Toschie’s lyrics, “it’s been a very good year” for AUDREY HORNE - and things are even looking up for them in 2010.


1. These Vultures
2. Charon
3. Circus
4. Down Like Suicide
5. Blaze Of Ashes
6. Sail Away
7. Bridges And Anchors
8. Pitch Black Mourning
9. Firehose
10. Darkdrive
11. Godspeed

Line Up

Toschie - Vocals
Ice Dale - Guitar
Kjetil Greve – Drums
Thomas Tofthagen - Guitar


Audrey Horne (2009)
Le Fol (2007)
No Hay Banda (2005)
Confessions & Alcohol EP (2005)

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