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Radiation City

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Listen to The Color of Industry

In 2009 Cameron Spies caught Lizzy Ellison becoming transfixed by the fluid movement of a bank teller's hands-- a involuntary hypnotic condition that Spies oddly enough shared. The Hands That Take You, the title of the debut album from the pair's dreamy-pop outfit Radiation City, is an homage to this phenomenon as it was the catalyst for not only a long-term love affair but a wellspring of creativity. The subsequent years came to be the most influential time in both their lives. Together they founded a DIY cassette tape label, planted a thriving vegetable garden in the backyard of their Portland, Oregon home and formed Radiation City, which, after only a few live performances was already being lauded as part of "a new generation of acts that don’t care much for the longstanding walls between slow acoustic pop, dance music, experimental electronic music and distortion-fueled rock (Willamette Week)"

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