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The Scoundrels (US)

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The Scoundrels are Bianca Bananas (vocals), Steve DeZarn (guitar), Antonio Mojica (bass), Luis Mendez (drums), and the newest member, Brandon DuVall (trumpet/ keyboard). They are a pure rock n’ roll band out of the fabulous city of Las Vegas, NV formed in the fall of 2007. They have played at numerous venues in the Las Vegas and SoCal area including the House Of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Palms Hotel and Casino, and The Viper Room just to name a few. Their latest album is Let ‘Em Rot, but they are currently in the studio working on their second album, both produced by Mike Szuter.
The Scoundrels' high energy rock 'n' roll is as in-your-face as singer Bianca Bananas' bright pink 'hair . They sound like a modern retro explosion of awesomeness. The shows are a great experience and always full of energy. If you combine Brian Setzer, Misfits and No Doubt you might get close to their sound. They’re like the U.S. mail, delivering the goods.
The Scoundrels aren't evil. Just Bianca is and the boys are muses for her wickedness. A wickedness that knows no bounds. Anyone that comes to a Scoundrels show is subject to Bianca's love and/or wrath. The guys in the band are hard pressed to contain her fury and are not responsible for the fire that belches from her lips.
There are a few bands with the same name and that can be expected, but none of those pretenders can bring the energy, style or danger that The Scoundrels of Las Vegas deliver.
Some of their influences include: Cake, The Damned, RX Bandits, and Dr. Dre.

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