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Listen to Remember Where You Were When Michael Jackson Died

Sometimes you have to look in the most unlikely of places to strike gold. As long as the ground you step on is rich and carefully maintained over the years then there’s a better chance you’re walking on foundations that have been built to last. Spycatcher come from a satellite town of London called Watford and the fruits of their past labours are truly finally starting to show.

Made up with members of Gallows, Haunts, Cry For Silence and The New 1920; Spycatcher are more than just a sum of their previous endeavours. ‘Honesty’, the bands debut album, is a record that shines with song-writing that’s been cultivated over the years. From the opening track ‘Tabs’ to the end of the record you realise these guys have quite possibly made one of the best British debut albums of 2011.

‘Honesty’ paints a dark, cynical story told through often uplifting music. A juxtapose that can be heard to devastating effect on lead single “Remember where you were when Michael Jackson Died”. The album’s title track is as direct in its lyrical content as this album gets. It’s a story close to their hearts. A picture painted over the years that have made them what they are today.

The record was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves in their own studio in Watford. It delivers 12 outstanding, British indie punk tracks that integrates them in to the rising UK scene headed up by bands like Lower Than Atlantis, The Xcerts and Sharks.

Since their inception in early 2010, Spycatcher have sold-out a debut EP titled ‘Rock Is Cursed’ and toured with an army of bands including The Get Up Kids, Walter Schreifels, Funeral For A Friend, We Are The Ocean, Kids In Glass Houses and Crime In Stereo.

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